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the music of Chris Merritt

Chris Merritt is a songwriter, musician, producer, and piano tuner. He's toured the US and Japan, put out 7 full records under his own name (and several others: from his early days with Paperface to his newer collaboration with Cruise Elroy), the list goes on.

In recent years, Chris has released his latest album entitled "Time is Real". We ran an Indiegogo campaign raising over $12,000, exceeding it's original goal. The album was a lot of work and Chris Merritt's signature melodic and harmonic prog-pop was taken to a new level of production and mixing.  All the while, he has been producing music for television commercials, publishing piano sheet music, teaching, and sculpting melodies.

His persistence and love for music, science, philosophy, and a focus on rationality and the human mind has come alive in his new work. This site is to document and share all of the music, philosophy, video content, and creativity that emanates from his very existence.

Merritt-Fans - old and new - Get ready....And stay tuned.

Listen To Chris Merritt Radio
The Albums.
Time Is Real (2017)
Songs From Brokeland (2011)
Virginia Is For Hoverers: Part I (2009)
Pixie And The Bear (2008)
Cruise Elroy (2014)
Virginia Is For Hoverers: Part II (2010)
Demos Of Nod (2009)
Hello, Little Captain (2007)
Commercial Work
(More Coming Soon!)
Glade - "Wake Up"
Time Warner Cable - "Back To School"