`"When I try to explain who Chris Merritt is to my friends, I tell them 'he's like Ben Folds on steriods'. And he really is. His songs are better, more complex, melodic, and beautiful. His voice is better. I think he is a better piano player. But you can't really (restrict) Chris Merritt to the Ben Folds category. A songwriter like this deserves to be in every category. His songs range so vastly in style and content...This is one of my favorite albums of all time, up there with Wilco, Elliott Smith, The Shins...I'd put this album toe-to-toe with anything you can think of. I wish more people listened to this; it has the feel of a break-out album for a superstar artist. Truly great work from an incredibly talented and, I think, brilliant songwriter."
(-Review from JM Holahan)

Pixie And The Bear

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