After countless hours of writing, arranging, recording and mixing it is finally here.  I am so excited to share this with you.  I keep trying to push things to the next level with music and prog pop arranging - electronic elements and piano voicings, big harmonies and great bass lines.  Deep lyrics all over this one - I was honing lyrics til the last minute. Thanks and enjoy -Chris
Tracks: . Cycles [5:23] 2. Possession [3:41] 3. Bubble [5:24] 4. Stilllove [3:27] 5. Drone [4:16] 6. Inkling [3:52] 7. Nautilus [1:42] 8. Mind [4:20] 9. Lunastares [2:49]

Ye Olde Machine Piano: A New Album From Chris Merritt (2018) (MP3s only)

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